Working with our Web Instruments, you can easily focus on your web site’s level of popularity straight from the Website Control Panel. From the Sitemap Generator you will get a thorough sitemap for your website within minutes. You are able to send the sitemap to major search engines to ensure that they can scan your website as fast as possible. In addition, via the RSS News instrument, you’ll be able to mount routinely kept up to date publications on your site, which is a promise for higher ranking positions with the search engines. The GeoIP redirection tool will help you to route visitors coming from a specific country towards a specified language variation of your web site for more accurate marketing end results.

A Sitemap Generator

Obtain a sitemap with all your web pages in an instant

The simplest way of getting your recently launched site indexed by the major search engines will be to post a sitemap. The sitemap lists all the web pages on your web site and by submitting it to a particular search engine, you inform it you’d like to have those pages to get crawled in a timely manner. Sitemaps are typically built by third–party tools. However, with BitLife Host, it’s not necessary to navigate from your Website Control Panel. BitLife Host’s inhouse developed Sitemap Generator is included within the Advanced Instruments area and will complete a sitemap for you with a mouse click.

All that you should do is select the max amount of web pages you desire to be listed, the depth of the indexed links along with the extension of the sitemap data file.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Physical location–driven redirections with just a click of the mouse

BitLife Host offers you an easy way to route your users on the basis of their location. Via the GeoIP re–direction tool, you can easily route all of the customers who arrive from a particular country to a native language version of your web site. For instance, if you have an Italian variant of your site, you can quickly send all the visitors from Italy to that particular page rather than asking them to change to Italian after they land on the English variant. This enables you to provide your clients with a natural online experience from the start.

There’s no need for virtually any particular skills or tech expertise to utilize the GeoIP re–direction application. Everything is configured with a mouse click.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Showcase the latest news on your website

What exactly is RSS? RSS can be described as a method for submitting and accumulating content. It is becoming frequently used by news sites, individual blogging sites, newscasts, and so on. The presented information is easily picked up from an RSS reader and after that shown to the consumer. Utilizing RSS, end users will be able to acquire news from different websites and review them in a single area.

Using our RSS News tool, you can quickly add news feeds coming from a lot of the world’s most famous publication sites and showcase them on you website.

RSS News