A password-protected directory is a folder which can't be accessed unless the proper login credentials are provided. This may be an entire website or just one page that's located within a subfolder. If you try to open this sort of a directory, you shall see a browser pop-up where you must input a username and also a password. If you enter the appropriate ones, you'll be able to continue exploring the content with no need to do anything extra. In case the login details are not accurate, however, you'll see a message that you are not allowed to see the content. If this function is active, you will not be able to open a file even if you have a direct link. The option is extremely handy if you'd like to limit the access to some content or if you work on an Internet site and you don't want visitors to be able to access it before it's ready.
Password Protected Directories in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you have a semi-dedicated server account with us, you shall be able to protect any content which you have uploaded using our protection tool. Its interface is as simple and intuitive as that of the Hepsia CP it's part of, so you will not need to input any code at any time. You'll only need to select one of the domains/subdomains which you have inside the website hosting account and to determine which folder has to be password-protected - the website’s root folder or some folder below it. You may then input the username and the password, that will be stored in encrypted form in our system, and you'll be ready. The protection shall be switched on at once, so anybody who tries to access the freshly protected folder shall have to enter the right login information. In cases where a number of individuals must be able to access the exact same content, you can create a separate username for each one.