Managing your own server may not be very easy and in some occasions it may be extremely frustrating, especially if you do not have a lot of experience and you aren't sure how to proceed in certain situations. The hosting server has its own Os and processes running on it, which means that you may need to deal with challenges that you haven't come across with a standard shared internet hosting package deal where the company handles the hosting machine maintenance while you deal with just your web content via a hosting Cp. If some service stops responding, for instance, or some process start overloading the server, you will have to take measures to restore the proper functioning of the hosting server. In case you have not dealt with such situations in the past, you'll be able to employ the Monitoring & Rebooting feature, that's a part of our optional Managed Services upgrade package.
Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Servers
You'll be able to use our service with any of the plans that we offer since the Managed Services package can be added to any VPS server and at any time. Not only will our admins monitor what happens with your Virtual private server, but they'll also determine what the reason for a specific problem was before they restart it. In case a process isn't responding, a service if off for some reason or some application starts taking too much processing time or physical memory, they shall react straight away and will do everything which is required to restore the proper functioning of your websites. A number of automated checks for different system services shall also be enabled for the Virtual private server, so you will not need to pay big money to other organizations for monitoring services, especially having in mind that they could tell you about an issue, but can't do anything about it. With our monitoring service you can save not just funds, but also precious time.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers
Adding the Managed Services package to your dedicated server service is as basic as clicking a button on the order page or in your billing Control Panel and given that the service is enabled, our system administrators will track all system processes on your machine 24/7 as to ensure that everything is working the way it should. An automated system will alert them as soon an issue presents itself, so they can troubleshoot it to find out what caused it and will then resolve it right away. Frozen processes, software components that have shut down or applications that use too much physical memory are merely a couple of examples of the things our seasoned team will look for and take care of. A third-party monitoring company can only let you know that there's some issue with a specific system service, but they'll lack the means to do anything about it since they shall not able to access your server.