A Control Panel is a web-based interface via which you can manage various aspects of your presence online. For instance, you can easily set up or edit website files, create and check e-mails, manage databases, check visitor stats etc. These things are executed through buttons and menus within a browser and the CP could also be called ‘back office’, i.e. the admin area associated with your Internet hosting account. Most Control Panels on the market will permit you to control all hosting-related matters, but you shall normally require a different system to deal with payments or to get a new domain in case the company offers domain registrations. Based on the platform they employ, you can be able to use the billing account to open a support ticket to ask a question or to resolve an issue too, or you might have to use a third system.
Multilingual Control Panel in Shared Web Hosting
When you acquire a shared web hosting service from our company, you shall be able to take advantage of our cutting-edge Hepsia CP, that offers all you need to maintain your presence online from a single location. Aside from managing files, e-mail messages, databases and stats, you'll also be able to register new domain addresses, to renew your website hosting plan, to add upgrades or to get in touch with our tech support team via our built-in ticketing system with no more than a couple of clicks and without employing a different system. Drag-and-drop upload options and right-click context menus are some of the other features that you shall be able to use. Hepsia comes in over fifteen popular languages - Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Turkish, and so on. You can also change the color scheme and rearrange just about every section of the CP to make it look exactly the way you want it to.
Multilingual Control Panel in Semi-dedicated Servers
The Control Panel that comes with our semi-dedicated server accounts was created by our developers, which permits us to update it and to include new features considerably quicker than our competition. It is called Hepsia and it is a multifunctional software tool, that is used to control not only site content, but also renewal payments, domain name registrations and records, support tickets and upgrades. In this way, all that you need shall always be a couple of clicks away and you shall never need to log in to a different system for any task. Hepsia provides right-click menus, educational videos and drag-and-drop upload support, which will take away the need of using a third-party app for any of those things. More than 15 languages are currently supported and more are on the way, so with just a click, you could switch to Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese or Italian. There're also more than ten color schemes, not to mention that you will be able to also move each and every section of the CP around and set up everything in line with your personal preference.