The hosted domains feature of a hosting account denotes the number of registered domains that one could include in the same account. Registering a domain and hosting it are 2 completely different services even though many people consider them to be the exact same thing. While the registration means you become the owner of a given domain address, the hosting part is what really allows you to have a website as this is where your files and email messages are going to be. As these are two independent services, it is possible to register a new domain with one company and host it with another by modifying its name servers (DNS) - the domain will work in the exact same way as if it was registered and hosted using the same company. Also, it is very important to know that changing the hosting means pointing the domain name to an alternative company and not transferring it.
Hosted Domains in VPS Servers
If you get a VPS server solution from our company, you will be able to host as many domains as you wish. You will have your own server, therefore it is for you to decide how you will utilize its system resources. You will be able to register new domain addresses through the billing account of your VPS or add domain addresses that you have already registered with another company. Since we offer you 3 web hosting Control Panels for the servers, you are going to have different choices for the hosting part - with Hepsia, a freshly registered domain name is hosted automatically on the server and you'll manage all hosted domains in one location (i.e. there are no main and add-on domains), while with DirectAdmin and cPanel you're able to create a separate account for every single domain name you want to host on the server. The last option is handy if you wish to give access to your domains to other people.