The World Wide Web is based on unique numbers known as IP addresses and each device or web site that is a part of the Web has this kind of an address. It would be very hard to remember to go to to open a website though, that's why a significantly simpler system was made in the 80s - domains. Each and every domain features a main part and an extension, for instance or Numerous extensions exist globally - part of them are given to countries, just like in the abovementioned example, which is assigned to the United Kingdom, while many others are generic, for example .com or .net. Various extensions are available for registration by any kind of entity and others have particular requirements - company registration, regional presence, and so on. You can get a new domain name from a registrar firm such as ours and when the extension supports transfers, you can move an existing domain name between registrars as well.
Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Servers
If you obtain a VPS server plan through us, you will also be able to register a new domain for your future web site during your account acquiring process. In case you require extra domain names, you're able to order them in bulk via your VPS Control Panel at a later time. Based on your target country and the nature of your websites, you are able to pick from 50+ different domain name extensions and then register your names with the ones that will fit your requirements ideally. All your brand new domain names will be available on the internet almost instantly since we are an accredited registrar for the majority of the extensions and we work with the most important registrars for all the rest. If you wish to host domain names that are registered elsewhere, you can also move them over and handle them from a single place with your VPS account. Here, you will have full control of them, such as DNS management, which is an option that a number of other companies offer at an extra charge.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers
Together with your dedicated server, you can register as many domain names as you would like and take care of them from your server’s payment Control Panel. We provide tens of country-code and generic TLDs that you'll be able to choose from, which means that you can register the most suitable domains depending on the character of your sites as well as the countries and regions that you wish to targeted. We're a certified registrar for many different TLDs, while for other extensions we partner with some of the largest registrars out there. This enables us to offer you competitive prices, instant registrations as well as superb administration solutions. In addition, you can move your existing domains and manage them from a single place with your dedicated server. We'll renew them once your transfer process is completed.