If you would like to switch hosting companies and you do not have much experience or time, you could find it tough to transfer your content. Moving an HTML Internet site involves uploading small files to the new web server, thus it could be easier, but transferring a script-driven website, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new Internet hosting platform or transferring databases and e mails may be pretty frustrating tasks for some people. Consequently, a lot of users are tied to a service provider that offers a bad hosting service simply because they have no idea how they can relocate their content to an alternative provider safely and securely while keeping the design and performance of their Internet sites unchanged. In this light, our Internet hosting plans provide an Internet site migration service, that's 100 % free of charge, and that shall save you a lot of time and efforts because you won't need to do anything on your end.
Assisted Website Migration in VPS Servers
In case you sign up for one of our Linux VPS hosting service, we can move multiple Internet sites from your current hosting company at no additional charge on top of the monthly VPS price. Since our web hosting servers run on Linux, your sites should also be running on this type of a hosting server and they should not be developed through a closed online platform like Wix or Jimdo, but aside from that there aren't any limits regarding what the Internet sites ought to be - WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart or custom-built ones. Our seasoned technical support can start the migration as soon as your VPS is set and you make contact with them. The timeframe for the migration varies according to the number of websites and their size, but usually the whole process doesn't take more than two days and this time includes thorough assessments to make certain that all websites shall work flawlessly on our end. You can change the name servers of the domains which you would like to host on the Virtual Private Server as soon as we notify you that the information has been relocated and you shall not see any downtime as the exact same content shall be available on both hosting servers.
Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Servers
You can use our absolutely free service if you need a more powerful web hosting plan and you choose to get one of our dedicated servers for your websites. A competent team of system admins shall start the migration of your information the minute your web server is set up and you get hold of them and in the common scenario it doesn't take more than 24 to 48 hours to relocate even multiple Internet sites and make sure that they perform efficiently. The time can vary based on the amount of sites you have and what their size is, but we typically fit within this timeframe. Due to the fact that our web hosting servers use Linux, the Internet sites that we move have to be compatible with this OS and should not be designed on platforms that don't offer access to the site files - Wix, Mr. Site, Jimdo, Weebly, and so forth. Any other Internet site, irrespective if it was created by a web designer or with a platform such as Joomla or WordPress, can be moved in no time and our admin team will let you know the instant they are done. You'll be able to change the name servers of your domains after that to direct them to the new dedicated server. There'll not be any downtime for any of the websites since the content that the domain names will load during the DNS propagation shall be exactly the same on both servers.