The ideal web site loading speeds for your guests who reside in USA, Canada or even Latin America

If your main memory–hungry multi–media web sites are going to be intended chiefly for visitors coming from US, Canada and also Latin America, in that case our US based data center will offer an ideal virtual hosting solution for you. The Steadfast data center is situated in downtown Chicago and serves several of the most significant telecom companies in North America. It offers full redundancy in power and network connectivity and so it is great for hosting your demanding sites and apps.

Utilizing the VPS Servers In The US option is easy and simple. Simply decide on the setup you wish, choosing from a large number of VPS solutions on our site and after that opt for the US based data center on the order form. Our admins are going to set up the server for you at the US based data center at no cost and will also be onsite 24x7 to assure a 99.9% network uptime. Additionally, they’re going to carry out every–week offsite backups of your own VPS to ensure your information is kept secure everlastingly.

Other US Hosting Services

The Virtual Private Servers aren’t the sole hosting option you can find in our US based data center. There you’ll also find .

Our Dedicated Servers In The US are the ultimate web hosting service. Employing an entire server readily available, you’re able to host any type of website or web app, from your emailing script for your email promotions to the corporate website with countless month to month visits. Our dedicated servers are backed up by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee plus a 24/7 technical support service.